"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

ABOUT ME March 6, 2012

About Me

Hi, my name is Faye Faapaia Puaka, I am from a Samoan background raised in New Zealand since my middle Primary School Age. I migrated to Melbourne Australia approximately 13 years at this stage.
I am presently working as a CRT teacher in Primary / Secondary in the Western Suburb of Victoria.

I am currently undertaking studies in the Master of Education at Victoria University Part-time. I am passionate about Culture Diversity and the study of Humanities / Student Well being. I have a Bachelor of Education P-12 majoring in Humanities and Student Welfare. I have done a Graduate Double Diploma in Children’s Services and OSCH.  As part of the masters unit i took Website Design and Publishing in the first semester as one of my elective unit where I enjoyed creating website for my church.

I am looking to increase and improve my skills and understanding in E- learning, as this will enable me to familiarise myself with the technology system both at work and in University


7 Responses to “ABOUT ME”

  1. janemhickey Says:

    lovely to meet you and find out more about you!

  2. fayza2101 Says:

    Thanks for the add! nice to meet everyone tonight! and yes! this is getting really exciting!

  3. I think I will use you for Assessment 2. Please dont say no!

  4. dabi2509 Says:

    thnx for helping me to learn about word press and its lovely to meet u.

  5. fayza2101 Says:

    thanks! no worries! good to meet every1 again from the curriculum class!:)

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